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Hilary Hignell Dip Pod Med, MBChA, MSSCh, MAR, HPC Reg, CNHC Reg

Chiropody and reflexology

Hilary has been a chiropodist for 19 years and Reflexologist for 12 years.

Performing general foot care including nail trimming, removal of callous and corns, and also practicing biomechanics (the examination of the gait and the way the foot functions to treat the cause of problems as well as the symptoms) this can lead to the fitting of insoles and orthotics.

She also performs, cryosurgery for verrucae, diabetic examinations and can replace damaged nails with Pedique nail gel.

Now also available, PACT nail fungal treatment. This involves 4 treatments using light therapy to destroy the fungus. The course of treatment for one nail is £120 with a £10 cost for each additional nail.

Hilary now offers a wax treatment which is used to target areas of dry, scaly skin or areas of poor circulation. This treatment is especially beneficial when used in addition to a normal Chiropody treatment leaving feet soft, hydrated and smooth.

Dr's Remedy nail varnish is now available in The Therapy Room Bodmin which contains no formaldehyde and other chemicals which cause nails to turn yellow after use. Dr's Remedy is also safe for diabetics and pregnancy.

  • Chiropody: 30 minutes - £25
  • Reflexology: 45 minutes - £32
  • Chiropody with Reflexology - £42
  • Nail Trimming: 15 minutes - £18
  • Biomechanical Evaluation: 1hr - £35
  • PACT nail fungal treatment - One nail is £120 with a £10 cost for each additional nail
  • Wax Treatment - £25 for a 1/2 treatment or £42 if added on to a normal 1/2 hour Chiropody appointment.
  • Monday - Thursday

Joanna Austen ECBS, MBTPA, ITEC

Bowen Technique

Joanna qualified in 2004 as a Bowen Therapist and has since dedicated herself to this highly effective therapy. She has run a clinic in Liskeard since that time and in 2011 joined the Therapy Room in Bodmin when it opened.

Joanna has continually developed her understanding and use of the Bowen Technique over the years. Bowen can be used for any number of problems that people suffer, but primarily people present with Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Migraine or any major back/neck pain. However people also present with many other conditions including stress related issues.

  • Bowen Technique (Initial Appointment): Up to 60 minutes - £40
  • Tuesday
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Kath May

Aromatherapy, Reflexology & Swedish Massage

Kath May is qualified as a therapist in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Swedish Body Massage.

She offers Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Swedish Body Massage. Each treatment is tailored to the clients individual needs.

  • Reflexology: 45 minutes - £32
  • Massage: 60 minutes - £32
  • Massage with Reflexology: 90 minutes - £45
  • Wednesday

Daniel Carter MCFHP, MAFHP

Foot Health Professional

Dan Carter is qualified as a Foot Health Professional in 2005 having trained at The S.M.A.E Institute in Maidenhead.

He is experienced in treating a range of common foot problems including corns, calluses and verrucae as well as nail trimming and nail care.

  • General Foot Care: 30 minutes - £25
  • Toe Nail Trimming: 15 minute - £18
  • Wednesday (am)
  • Friday (am)

Matt East BSc Hons

Physiotherapist, Bowen Therapy and Integrated Health Practitioner.

Matt qualified as a physiotherapist in 2000, since then he has trained in a number of different techniques such as acupuncture, neurological integration and utilises a number of soft tissue remedial bodywork therapies such as the Bowen technique.

This enables him to tailor each treatment to the individual to help with a wide range of symptoms and health complaints, providing a natural drug free approach to healthcare where possible.

  • Bowen Technique (Initial Appointment): Up to 60 minutes - £40
  • Thursday

North Cornwall Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy, Massage, Exercise Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, Electrotherapy, Biomechanical Assessments & other specialised treatments.

Following the success of their Camelford Physiotherapy Clinic, North Cornwall Physiotherapy are now available for treatments at The Therapy Room Bodmin.

All Physiotherapists are fully qualified and registered with the Health Professional Council (HPC) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

They are recognised and recommended by all major health insurance companies.

Please see your GP for a referral for up to 4 NHS appointments.

  • 30 minute initial consultation - £40.
  • 30 minute treatment - £30.
  • 1hr consultation and treatment - £60.
  • 1 hr Chakrapuncture -£47
  • 1 hr massage - £44
  • Friday
  • Please phone 01208 816666 to book appointments

Jolanta Fialkowska MAR IARAMT Qualified

Reflexology and Massage therapies

Jolanta has practised Reflexology for 7 years and has completed further qualifications in cranio-sacral reflexology, face and head reflexology and qualified as a massage therapist in 2013. Jolanta also performs Shantal Massage for babies aged 2 – 9 months which promotes relaxation and well being in the baby.

Please see your GP for a referral for up to 4 NHS appointments.

Treatments - * times are approximate
  • Reflexology - 1hr - £32
  • Cranio Sacral Reflexology - 1hr - £32
  • Anti Wrinkle Meridian Face Massage - 40mins - £25
  • Dynamic on-site chair back massage - 20mins - £15
  • Dyanamic on-site chair & Anti wrinkle face massage - 60mins - £30
  • Classical Back Massage - 30mins - £25
  • Shantal Massage for babies - 20mins - £20
  • Tuesdays

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